Innovative Workforce Fund Round 2

Learn more about the successful projects from the second round of IWF funding below.
 Enabler Interactive Pty Ltd 

This project by Enabler Interactive will develop interactive 3D simulation training modules for disability support workers. The project seeks to address the need for high quality worker training that is engaging, effective, scalable and easily accessible to remote workers. Training is delivered through an app which is available 24/7 on mobile phones, tablets and web browsers.

Enabler will offer workers a learning experience via personalised avatars moving through a virtual environment, interacting with virtual intelligent characters. The content is being developed collaboratively with disability organisations and people with disabilities, and will begin with ten topics that are vital areas for support worker skill development.

The modules are being tested and reviewed by workers, people with disability and service providers from several organisations, including Endeavour Foundation, Hireup, Just Better Care ACT and YellowBridge QLD.

Intellectual property arrangements will be put in place to ensure sector access to the resources commensurate with the public funds invested.

Contact: Huy Nguyen

Plumtree Children’s Services Inc.

This project will document and research the use of peer work in early childhood intervention (ECI) based on experience since mid-2016 with a paid peer workforce of parents of children receiving ECI.

Peer workers in this project are parents of children receiving ECI who are recruited, trained and paid for their insightful experience. Peer workers promote the vision of the NDIS by focusing on priorities articulated in the NDIS outcomes framework.

Plumtree currently engages 9 peer workers and this project will interrogate and document their use, including reviewing ‘unanswered questions’ about their optimum use.

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Contact: Sylvana Mahmic

Julia Farr Association Inc

JFA Purple Orange is leading a collaboration with five disability advocacy bodies across Australia to build a body of knowledge on the workforce arrangements established by people living with disability who self-manage their supports.

The aim is to enhance the information base for people living with disability who self-manage their supports, and providers and intermediaries that work with them. The project is designed to represent the richness and range of tailored arrangements that exist.

Up to 40 people who are self-managing supports, and their support workers, will be interviewed across six states and territories. Outcomes will include a detailed, richly descriptive report and several training resources including and interactive website, and audio and video content from which others can learn.

Outcomes will include a detailed, richly descriptive report and several training resources including audio and video content from which others can learn.

Contact: Robbi Williams

Ethnic Community Services Co-operative Limited

This project aims to increase recruitment and retention among cohorts under-represented in the support and care work professions, namely males and young people from multicultural backgrounds.

Multicultural Support Choices (MSC) intends to diversify the cultural, religious, linguistic and gender fabric of the support and care industry workforce while increasing job satisfaction among staff. To provide the best possible care for Australians from all diverse backgrounds, MSC aims to foster a workforce that is reflective of the diversity of needs of our multicultural communities.

Targeted recruitment strategies will focus on two communities in Sydney’s south and south western NDIS rollout regions. At least 25 young people will be attracted, trained and recruited into disability employment and a range of project success indicators such as client and worker satisfaction tracked. The project will also produce a range of guidance and coaching materials that other services can use.

Contact: Sebastian Behrans

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

This project intends to develop a more flexible and skilled workforce of support workers through designing and testing a shared service model for casual support workers and after hours on call coordination.

The model will be designed by a panel of peer codesigners who are support workers, participants and social innovators and agreed approaches trialled using a rapid proto-typing methodology. An external evaluation will be conducted.

Contact: Kerry Jones

Summer Foundation Ltd

This project will co-design, pilot, evaluate and document a process for working with NDIS participants with cognitive and communication impairments to produce participant-led training videos that inform support workers about how they want to be supported.

Six participants will receive therapist support in developing a comprehensive outline of their goals and how they want to be supported. Videos will be codesigned and La Trobe University will conduct an evaluation of worker performance during and after the life of the project. Summer Foundation will also conduct 7 workshops for other organisations about the project and its results.

Contact: Dianne Winkler

Think Change Grow Pty Ltd

This project will utilise a ‘Design Leadership in Context’ approach to the challenges of workplace utilisation that includes all the stakeholders affected by this mutual challenge. The approach fosters the co-designing, developing and testing of ideas that have the great potential to become solutions, and effectively create real lasting impact in the sector.

20 current and future leaders will participate in two full day workshops, two evening events and two 1:1 coaching sessions.

Outcomes include a network of leaders who would then be prepared to work with other providers as coaches, a report on the methodology and its impact and an evaluation of results.

Contact: Hiam Sakakini

Lifestart Co-operative Ltd

This project will evaluate current staff engagement with a variety of online supports that exist on an interactive hub, identify what supports are promising in their ability to engage and support staff and enhance job satisfaction and improve productivity.

Project goals:
Evaluate practitioner engagement with Lifestart’s Online Learning and Practice Hub, identifying key features that practitioners identify as most supportive.

2) Identify/develop new resources and online programs based on practitioner and industry consultation.

3) Identify opportunities and key partners to provide online support to practitioners across the state that are important to remote and rurally located workers.

Contact: Suzanne Becker

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